From the CFI #10: What Type Are You? »

Ready to move into a jet? No matter how big, all jets require a type rating if you want to fly one. You might think that means they're hard to learn and harder to fly, but usually that isn't true. More

From The CFI #9: Mentor, Mentor, Who Has The Mentor? »

Some pilots like to tell horror stories of times they got themselves out of trouble with their great stick skills. But the older pilots sitting thoughtfully to the side, chuckling at the boasting, are the ones you might want to seek out and hear their experiences. AVweb's Linda Pendleton has thoughts about mentors in this month's column. More

From The CFI #8: Musings of an Old CFI »

AVweb's Linda Pendleton has been teaching people how to fly for decades, and remembers fondly how flight instruction used to be. But before you go accusing her of living in the past, she's got strong opinions on how things need to be different in the age of technically advanced aircraft -- and what parts of past training experience that need to be rediscovered. More

From The CFI #7: Scenario-Based Training »

With new, technically advanced aircraft becoming more common in the air and at FBOs near you, many in the industry have been asking if we need to take a new look at how we train new pilots. AVweb's Linda Pendleton has certainly been asking, and she discusses the kinds of scenarios that work and don't work in this month's From The CFI column. More

From The CFI #6: Examiners Are Human, Too! »

Hard to imagine, but some people actually want to be the butt of insults and fear-inspiration -- and (really) make a contribution to aviation by becoming a Designated Pilot Examiner. They're less of an FAA enforcement officer and more of a souped-up flight instructor, as AVweb's Linda Pendleton explains in this month's column From The CFI. More

From the CFI #5: How to Pass Any Checkride ... The First Time! »

Pilots are usually successful in the rest of their non-aviation life, so it can come as a shock to hear that not everyone passes a checkride on the first try. It's especially a shock when you don't pass! AVweb's Linda Pendleton, who served as an FAA designated examiner, has suggestions for getting your certificate in one go. More

From the CFI #4: Some Advice on Movin' On Up! »

If you're thinking about moving up to a faster, more complex airplane (or if you're wondering how piston-pounding pilots are going to transition to those very light jets), AVweb's Linda D. Pendleton has some advice: Brush up on the basics. More

From the CFI #3: Practice Does Not Make Perfect »

No, we're not saying you shouldn't practice. AVweb's Linda Pendleton takes a crack at another truism of flight training, showing that practicing the wrong thing can be just as bad as not practicing. More

From the CFI #2: A New Way to Train »

It's a new world out there in the second century of flight -- one with new technology and new opportunities. But we're still training (and testing) pilots the same old way: Performing maneuvers to the Standards. In her second column, AVweb's Linda Pendleton talks about training pilots a new way, one that reflects real-world missions and prevents real-world accidents. More

From The CFI #1: Whose Job Is It, Anyhow? »

Our newest columnist is a long-time contributor to AVweb. Linda Pendleton, a CFI and currently the Flight Training Manager for Eclipse Aviation, will bring us the latest from the world of flight training. In her first column, Linda discusses concerns she has about the state of the instructor/student relationship. Is the CFI solely responsible when a student is not properly signed off for solo, cross-country or even the practical exam? Is the student not at all to blame if they didn't learn all the subjects in the practical test standards? Like all of AVweb's columnists, don't expect Linda to sit quietly and toe some party line -- she leaves no one off the hook. More