Fuel Price Rebates Given To ATP Students


It’s easy to get cynical about high fuel prices, especially when the price of aviation fuel hasn’t dropped like that of auto fuels. But the flight school Airline Transport Professionals (ATP) is relieving some of that frustration among its students by dropping prices for new enrollments and giving rebates of up to $2,500 to students who signed up last summer when fuel prices topped $6 a gallon. “ATP is the only flight training company to pass cash rebates on to their students due to the recent fuel cost savings,” said Jim Koziarski, ATP’s Vice President of Flight Operations.

Koziarski said it generally takes longer for a drop in the price of crude oil to be reflected in the price of aviation fuel because avgas inventories turn over more slowly than automotive fuel inventories. Aviation fuel is now in the $4.00-$4.50 range in many areas (a lot lower in others) and Koziarski said the fuel-driven fee increases had to be adjusted to reflect the current costs.