GA Security Plans to Be Unveiled


Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is expected to unveil his department’s plans to address general aviation security Monday at a meeting in Washington. Chertoff is the guest speaker at the National Air Transportation Association’s Aviation Business Roundtable at the Mayflower Hotel. The meeting will be open to the media. In addition to Chertoff, Transportation Security Administration head Kip Hawley and representatives of other government agencies will be there to outline new regulations for GA security. The government has been working on a package of GA security measures for the past year, and GA groups have been in contact with the various agencies to try and ensure the measures make sense in terms of security and the operational needs of the industry.

Last July 9, the National Business Aviation Association issued a statement on the ongoing process, saying it had advised the government that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to aviation security will not work. The statement stressed that GA is not a major security threat and noted that the industry has already undertaken voluntary steps to beef up security. There will likely be a comment period prior to enactment of the new rules.