GAMA Media Guide Gaining Ground


The recently announced media guide from the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) — long overdue, in AVweb‘s opinion — has already seen pretty significant exposure. According to the association, more than 10,000 page views were registered since it went online last week, with more than 4000 hits to the guide’s home page. The association told AVweb that “overall feedback from the public has been very positive thus far. Since going live a week ago, we have made very few changes/corrections.” The Web-based product, available on GAMA’s site, is one of the more comprehensive tools available to mainstream journalists. Since going online, major additions GAMA has added to the glossary include terms like Amateur Built Aircraft, Kitplane, Experimental Aircraft, Homebuilt, Sport Pilot, and Light Sport Aircraft. Here’s hope we’ll all be reading fewer newspaper stories about the twin-engine Piper Cub that crashed because there was no flight plan on file.