GAMA Report: Piston Shipments Up


In the first quarter of this year, 188 piston aircraft were delivered by U.S. manufacturers, compared to 166 in the first quarter of last year, a 13-percent increase, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association reported on Tuesday. “This good news may be indicative of the start of a recovery inthe traditional markets that we hope will accelerate,” said GAMA President Pete Bunce. However, business jet deliveries failed to show growth. Shipments were down 22 percent, with 166 deliveries in the first quarter of this year, compared to 188 last year. Just 56 turboprops were delivered, a 6.7-percent decline. “This has been a very difficult year to date as a result of the slow economic recovery in North America and Europe,” said Bunce. A U.S. tax provision that allows 100-percent expensing might help turn things around, he added.

The piston deliveries included 61 each from Cirrus and Cessna, 37 from Diamond, 19 from Piper, 13 from American Champion, 10 from Beechcraft, and a handful each from several smaller companies. (The total exceeds GAMA’s because Cessna’s Skycatcher LSA and Diamond’s motor-glider sales are reported by each manufacturer, but not included in GAMA’s piston-delivery numbers.) Emerging markets continue to help sustain the industry, Bunce said. Overall, GA deliveries were down 4.6 percent from last year’s first quarter. The full report is available online in PDF format.