Garmin Adds Attitude To iPad Display


Garmin has added attitude display to a portable ADS-B in receiver that works with its Garmin Pilot application for iOS and Android portable device applications. The GDL 39 3D is, according to Garmin, “a portableADS-B and GPS receiver which adds simultaneous display of aircraft attitude information (pitch and roll),alongside rich, interactive mapping, traffic, and weather ….” It’s an upgrade of the GDL 39 and gives a full moving map display along with all the basic flight instruments on a split screen display on the portable device.

The device sells for $849 ($899 with a battery) and is available now. Garmin CEO Carl Wolf said the device is part of its plan to help pilots transition to the ADS-B environment that will be mandatory in most controlled airspace in six years. “…Were devoted to educating the pilot community. Our full line-up of portable and certified ADS-B products, along with our comprehensive ADS-B Academy website, supportGarmins commitment to making the ADS-B transition easy and affordable for all aircraft owners.