German Police Raid KLM Flight, Arrest Terror Suspects


Two suspected terrorists on a KLM flight out of Cologne, Germany, allegedly intent on waging jihad, were pulled from their flight before it departed for Amsterdam, Friday. A Berlin paper reported that the suspects planned to fly on KLM to Uganda and on to Pakistan, but that report was not readily confirmed by authorities. Authorities have said that they’ve obtained notes previously written by the men stating their intent to participate in jihad and die in an attack. The two men, a 24-year-old Somali-born German and a 23-year-old Somali, had been followed by police for months. It does not appear the men had any plans to hijack the aircraft and a search of their belongings found no indication the men were prepared to launch an attack. However, they were allegedly traveling to a destination with the ultimate goal of receiving training to kill enemies of their jihad, likely in eastern Africa. The authorities’ “storming” of the aircraft “all went off in quite an unspectacular manner,” a police spokesman told ABC news.