Germany’s Remos Aircraft Expanding, Challenges Cessna


Remos Aircraft, of Germany, has expanded its Light Sport Aircraft business in the U.S. with a new assembly plant in Arkansas. The company has been pushing an effort to entice away buyers of Cessna’s SkyCatcher LSA, promising delivery within three months, much faster than the likely wait time for a new SkyCatcher order, plus a discount for Cessna buyers who switch. “The REMOS G-3 is the airplane that Cessna should have announced at AirVenture, and the G-3 is available today,” said Michael Meirer, CEO of REMOS Aircraft. Meirer said the G-3 also offers a greater useful load — 695 pounds vs. 490 for the SkyCatcher — and it is built in Germany, “a country famous for its efficiency, modern technology and precision in manufacturing.” Cessna, meanwhile, has been taking some flak over its decision to build its LSA in China. “Much of the feedback we heard was emotionally charged,” Tom Aniello, marketing vice president, writes at the SkyCatcher Web site. Some comment areas at the site had to be taken down due to “non-conforming replies.” Aniello added, “We have complete confidence that Shenyang Aircraft Company (SAC) will build the SkyCatcher to Cessnas rigorous standards for safety, quality, reliability, value, and performance.”

Remos has leased a commercial hangar at Rogers Municipal Airport-Carter Field, the Morning News reported on Monday. The site will be used as a finishing center for the Remos G-3. There are 40 G-3s in the U.S. and 227 worldwide, according to the company. The airplane sells for about $110,000 to $128,000.