Glass Panels For Legacy Citations

Click for a tour of the AdViz display

That glass-paneled Citation that legacy Citation owners may be dreaming of could be their existing mounts. Innovative Solutions and Support Inc. announced this week that the first Citation V retrofitted with the AdViz Flat Panel Display System was test flown three weeks ago and exceeded expectations. ISS was picked by Cessna to develop the new panel which will be offered as a retrofit for steam guage Citation 500 through 650 models. “The crisp symbology and clarity of the displays, along with additional navigation aids, will enhance situational awareness in flight,” Cessna test pilot Rick Trissell said after the 90-minute flight.

The AdViz system displays navigation, XM Weather, charts and remote radio tuning on two PFDs with a single MFD offset in favor of the left seat. There’s no word on when the systems will be available for installation. ISS specializes in glass panel retrofits for legacy aircraft and has systems for dozens of airliners, military jets and also created the displays for the Eclipse Avio NG panel.