Global Airport Flight Delay Index Launches On


Airline travelers can now monitor flight delays at airports throughout the world for free on The Web site’s new global delay index provides a graphical indication of whether your flight to or from a given airport is likely to be late. Users can get details on the status of particular flights and request e-mail or text message alerts. FlightStats assesses the airport’s current departure performance and the severity of delays and cancellations using data collected from the previous hour and from flight schedule delays for the upcoming two-hour period. Conditions are translated into an index score between 0 and 5 where higher values indicate more severe departure disruptions.

The score is updated every 30 minutes and overlaid on maps for easy viewing. Users can also get current status information on individual flight arrivals and departures. “When travelers are fully and accurately informed of both airport and flight status, their stress levels tend to decrease,” said Jeff Kennedy, CEO of Conducive Technology, developer of FlightStats.