Got A Plane That Won’t Fly? Build-A-Plane Kids Need It


It would seem reasonable that with some pilots parking their airplanes due to high fuel costs, Build A Plane would see an influx of donations for their program, which collects unwanted aircraft and gives them to schools (and gives the donor a tax deduction). But in fact, the nonprofit group is facing a critical shortage of aircraft donations, according to Lyn Freeman, founder of the organization — almost 200 schools are on a waiting list. “When schools have to wait that long to receive an airplane, sometimes they move on to a different area of interest, away from aviation,” Freeman said this week. “We can’t afford to have that happen, so we really, really need more aircraft donations.” Build A Plane has helped kids at over 70 schools learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics by building real airplanes.

“It’s amazing to see what happens when a Build A Plane aircraft shows up at a high school,” says Katrina Bradshaw, the program’s executive director. “Kids who have not even started to think about what they want to do when they grow up suddenly see a real airplane right in their classroom. The next thing you know, kids are learning about the technology and math and engineering and the science of aviation, and then we see kids enroll in flying lessons, aviation technician programs and all kinds of things. It’s really very exciting!” To donate an aircraft to Build A Plane or to learn more about its projects, go to