Gulfstream Aerospace Offers Sci-Fi Technology Today


101 Gulfstream bizjets have been retrofitted with technology once in the realm of fiction writers. Several of Gulfstream’s models can now be purchased with an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) that allows the pilot to “see” down to an altitude of just 100 feet above a runway’s touchdown zone. The FAA-certified equipment includes a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) camera that projects an infrared real-world image onto the pilot’s Honeywell Head-Up Display. A cryogenically cooled detector (James T. Kirk, eat your heart out) helps identify runway lights during an approach. In addition to allowing flight crews to see what could not be seen before, it will help crews prevent the FAA bugaboo, runway incursions. The EVS system can be retrofitted or ordered as an option on several of the Gulfstream jets but will come standard on the G550 and Gulfstream G450, the company’s latest entry in the bizjet derby. The G450 is due out the second quarter of this year. Installed price of the EVS is $500,000.