Hangar Collapse Damages 7 Aircraft (With Photos)


No one was hurt, but one man had to be rescued and six airplanes and one helicopter were damaged when the roof of a hangar collapsed under the weight of heavy snow at Norwood Airport, near Boston, Wednesday. The hangar, occupied by Swift Aviation Services, reportedly had two people in it at the time of the collapse. Employee, Ted Robinson, who had to be rescued from a corner office told the Norwood Bulletin that the event was, “a little out of the ordinary.” Fire officials were called to contain leaking fuel and a ruptured gas line estimated that damage to two of the aircraft was excessive. Images appear to show the tail of a Lancair IV P suffering under the weight of debris while the helicopter next to it is nearly unrecognizable. Meanwhile, a Piper Malibu (or variant) sits nearby relatively unscathed and a prop jutting from the snow behind it suggests another outcome for a different aircraft.