Hawker 800XPR Gets FAA OK


The FAA has granted supplemental type certification for the Hawker 800XPR, which replaces the XP’s original engines with more powerful new Honeywell TFE731-50R powerplants and adds winglets for another performance boost. The upgrade, available only at factory-owned service facilities, offers “significant performance and capability improvements,” the company said. The new engines improve fuel efficiency about 7 percent, according to Hawker, and longer maintenance intervals translate to a 32-percent reduction in maintenance costs. The new engines also are quieter and produce fewer carbon emissions than the ones they replace.

The increased power drives the 800XPR to FL410 at maximum takeoff weight in 25 minutes, and it will reach FL370 three minutes faster than the 800XP. That climb capability plus improved fuel efficiency translates into true transcontinental range and faster block times, the company said. New avionics options, new style and communications options for the cabin, and custom paint designs also are available with the new model. The cost for the upgrade is about $3.8 million; first deliveries are expected in September. EASA certification is pending.