Helium Balloon Failure, Body Found


The body of 42-year-old priest Adelir Antonio de Carli, who April 20 attempted to raise money for a worship center and rest stop for truckers by flying below an array of helium-filled balloons, may have been found in the Atlantic. Police in Brazil are investigating the findings of a tugboat crew 60 miles off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state. The priest had departed the southern port city of Paranagua for Dourados, 465 miles away. He took with him on the trip skydiving experience, a helmet, thermal suit, a parachute and what has been described as a buoyant chair. Aside from his philanthropic intents, it was his attempt to break a record for 19 hours aloft in such a contraption. After de Carli went missing, his former paraglider instructor told the Telegraph.co.uk that he had instructed Carli but later asked him to “abandon the course” because in his estimation Carli had personality traits that were “not ideal for a paraglider.” The body is wearing the clothes and shoes of de Carli, but officials will wait for DNA tests to confirm the remains are indeed those of the priest.