Honeywell And Aspen’s NextGen MFD


The Aircraft Electronics Association’s annual convention has kicked off with a host of new products, including a NextGen-ready “affordable open-interface multi-function cockpit display.” The Bendix/King KSN 770 being developed by Aspen Avionics and Honeywell is expected to hit the market by year-end. It’s a multi-function display with GPS, comm and nav on a 5.7-inch touchscreen with supporting architecture that, according to Honeywell, “effectively future-proofs” the product. Aspen’s contribution to the KSN770 includes Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV), WAAS capabilities, data link weather, traffic, charts, maps, enhanced ground proximity warning (EGPWS) and more.

Aspen hopes the product will introduce general aviation pilots to the level of innovation and functionality generally only available to business jet pilots. At the same time, it will “provide interoperability with legacy and modern cockpits” alike. It also has a keyboard to complement the touchscreen interface, which may mean it will also interface well with legacy pilots. We’ll find out, later, exactly what “affordable” means.