Honeywell Offers Web-Based Flight-Planning Services


Honeywell announced last week it will be offering a new Web-based flight planning service tailored to business aircraft operators that allows them to create and file flight plans using any personal computer connected to the Internet without special software. Pilots can choose to have the system automatically create a flight plan optimized for best fuel efficiency or the shortest flight, based on the most current wind information. Other options include using historical winds, user-defined step climbs and random routing. Honeywell says the system includes performance data for some 240 business aircraft and has a wide variety of international routes from which to choose. For oceanic contingency planning, Honeywell’s Web Flight Planning uses the most current wind information to automatically calculate Equal Time Points between diversionary airports, simplifying the choice of a landing site in the event of a loss of cabin pressurization or an engine-out emergency. According to the company, the system also calculates optimum performance recommendations for abnormal in-flight events, based on aircraft manufacturers performance data. This new system is incredibly intuitive. It leads you step by step through the process, said Scott Hamilton, director of Honeywell Flight Support Services. To reduce workload while permitting personalization, we configured the system so pilots can directly enter information that is unique to their particular aircraft and preferences, Hamilton said. From then on, the system automatically bases flight plans on operator preferences and performance data provided by the aircrafts manufacturer. Web Flight Planning service is included in many Honeywell Global Data Center service plans. While Honeywells legacy flight planning system will remain available for a period of time, the new system eventually will replace it.