House Committee Looks At GA User Fees


The House Committee on Small Business will examine the potential impact of the proposed $100-per-leg user fee on turbine-powered aircraft at a hearing in Washington Sept. 12. The committee is headed up by Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., who is a well-known GA advocate and the testimony that is scheduled is likely to present a particular point of view. “The purpose of this hearing is to discuss the financial and regulatory impact of additional user fees on the aviation industry,” the committee said in its notice.

Among the presenters are Martha King, who owns King Schools with her husband John; Marian Epps, CFO of Epps Aviation; and Kenneth Button, director of the Center for Transportation, Policy, Operations and Logistics and director of the Aerospace Policy Research Center; along with representatives from companies that use turbine aircraft for business and most of the pertinent aviation groups. “The hearing will examine the potential effect of a user-fee proposal on private sector job creation,” the notice said.