Hyde’s Replica 1908 Wright Flyer Displayed


A painstakingly precise hand-crafted duplicate of the original 1908 Wright Flyer is scheduled to make an appearance today (Monday) at the National Memorial Parade in Washington, D.C. Produced by Ken Hyde’s “Wright Experience,” the aircraft replicates the Flyer first flown at Fort Myer in September 1908. The original aircraft was seen by the Wrights as their first practical, marketable design, according to Hyde, and won the first U.S. government competition leading to government purchase of an airplane. “This is the plane that made it happen; the plane that made flying a practical and commercial reality,” said Hyde, who added his company “is honored to have brought it back to life in this reproduction.” Following its parade appearance, the replica aircraft will be prepared as an airworthy, flyable aircraft and will again be on public display to commemorate the Centennial of Orville Wright’s inaugural flights of 1908, beginning September 6, of this year. It will then move to the National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles International Airport, where it will serve one year as an interactive educational exhibit.