Imeson Found Dead In Wreckage


Officials in Montana found a Cessna 180 flown by Sparky Imeson, author of the Mountain Flying Bible and he died in the crash. The plane had been missing since Tuesday afternoon. Imeson was reportedly alone aboard the airplane, and his last known radar position was about 18 miles north of Bozeman, Mont., at about 2:23 p.m., over the Big Belt Mountains. He had taken off from Bozeman with a destination of Helena, about an hour’s flight away. The wreckage was found about two miles from a private airstrip in Canyon Ferry, Mont.

The wreckage was discovered about 9:45 a.m. Imeson and another pilot survived a crash in the Elkhorn Mountains in June 2007. In that crash, Imeson tried to walk out of the mountains to find help, but was found by rescuers. Friends of Imeson say he was heading to the site of the 2007 crash when his plane went down last week.