India Bizjet Market Coming Alive


India may be the market to lead business aviation out of the doldrums according to a report in the Mint, an Indian publication that lists the Wall Street Journal as a “partner.” According to the report, Indian corporations are ready to buy, and that has drawn the attention of all the major players. “Ever since this new year, there is lot of buzz in the Indian business aviation scene,” said Karan Singh, vice-president of the Business Aviation Association of India. “Indian companies could conclude many deals before this month-end and the sector is expecting a year-on-year growth of 15-20 percent,” he told Mint last week.

India’s economy is booming compared to many others and industrial output increased 16.7 percent last month alone. That’s got CEOs looking skyward again and Mint says “a raft” of aircraft deals were signed at last month’s India Aviation 2010 show in Hyderabad. There’s plenty of room for growth in general aviation in India. There are now 257 fixed-wing private aircraft and 258 helicopters registered in the country.