Insurance Woes Halt Canadian Introductory Flights


Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) has announced that due to complications with EAA liability insurance requirements it has imposed a temporary suspension of all its introductory flights. The notice, announced in May, was “amplified” in COPA’s June newsletter to clarify that, “Under no circumstances should COPA Flights carry out any other forms of group introductory flights, at this time, and until further notice.” That includes all COPA group introductory flight events — not just those associated with EAA Young Eagles flights. All group flights must cease until further notice. In the past, an agreement with EAA had allowed COPA to conduct the flights. But according to COPA, EAA has “reviewed its liability insurance and tightened up on the requirements, resulting in a policy that only EAA members can fly Young Eagles Flights.” COPA says EAA now requires it to name EAA as an insured party on its insurance and meeting that requirement has proven more difficult than expected.

COPA’s former ability to provide introductory flights came via permit, but has been complicated by legal and insurance variables introduced by the USA, Canada and the UK (specific to COPA’s underwriter). When an agreement is reached that is acceptable to COPA’s underwriter and affordable for COPA, liability insurance may be extended and the flights may resume.