Getting It Fixed Right »

Post-accident, most insurers will do the right thing but some will steer you to a marginal shop. Here's how to stand your ground to get competent repairs. More

The Unappreciated & Ill-Defined Aircraft Maintenance Log »

Maintenance logs are required to prove compliance with regulations, but do you have to have them when you sell the plane? If not, what will happen to the price you get for the plane? And, therefore, will you get compensation from your insurance company if the logs are lost or destroyed? Think again. More

Professional "Contract" Pilots -- Are You Protected? »

Professional pilots are always covered by an aircraft owner's insurance, right? Well, if not, it's enough to be qualified under the open-pilot clause, right? Short answer: Nope. Read this article by the V.P. of an aviation insurance agency and then check the fine print on the insurance policy. More

Is Sport Pilot Training Uninsurable for Commercial Flight Schools? »

As the details emerge of just how the Sport Pilot rules will work in the "real world," one major block has turned up: Insurance companies may not be willing to underwrite it. AVweb presents a guest opinion piece from a frustrated Sport Pilot flight school. More

Neither A Lender Nor A Borrower Be ... Non-Owner Pilots And Liability Insurance »

If you borrow a friend's car, you're covered by their car insurance. But if you borrow their plane, you are probably not covered by their aircraft liability insurance. Same if you rent a plane from an FBO. Are you prepared to pay out tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars if there is an accident? AVweb's Kevin Garrison looks at insurance for those who don't own the plane they are flying. More

Insuring the Transitioning Pilot »

The aviation economy is finally starting to rebound, and that means more pilots getting ready to buy a plane or to step up to more-sophisticated aircraft. But beyond any FAA requirements, insurance requirements loom as a major factor that can financially make or break the transition to a new type of plane. More