Life Insurance - Medical Qualification »

Sure, you can get just about as much insurance as you're willing to pay for, but first there is that medical exam. Seth Legatowicz of the Pilot Insurance Center gives you the inside track on medical underwriting when applying for life insurance. More

Pilot Life Insurance — The State of the Industry »

Has it been a while since your last life insurance review? Does your life insurance policy have an exception for an accident in a small plane? AVweb's Kevin Lane-Cummings reports that recent changes in the live insurance industry make now a good time to update that policy. More

That's Just the Way It Is — The Unexplained Protocol of Aviation Insurance »

In uncertain times like these, when insurance rates are skyrocketing and good coverage is hard to find, aircraft owners and pilots have lots of questions for their insurance agents.Tom Chappel of CS&A Aviation Insurance answers these "Most-Often-Asked Questions From Clients and Friends." More

Territorial Limitations — Coverage Territory for Major Insurers »

Think you've got everything you need for that Caribbean trip? Looked up that insurance policy, just to make sure? Be careful your insurer's definition of "the Caribbean" may not include the particular island to which you're flying. Tom Chappel of CS&A Aviation Insurance discusses the variety of ways insurers define their coverage area. More

Selecting an Aircraft Insurance Agent »

Why can't an aircraft owner shop among two or three different brokers to get the best quote? What's the scoop on "exclusive quotes" and "broker-of-record letters" and whose interests do they serve? What's the procedure if I'm unhappy with my agent and want to change? When the agent asks for my experience, can I just estimate my pilot hours? Aircraft insurance veterans Tom Chappell and Darrell Hyde of CS&A Aviation Insurance offer answers to these and other frequently-asked questions. More

Diagnosing a Hull Claim »

One of the more heartbreaking events to confront an aircraft owner is when something totally beyond the owner's control happens to her pride and joy. From hangar rash to outright theft, this is why we buy hull insurance, right? Well, maybe. What might appear to the owner as a clear claim for reimbursement might not look the same to the insurance company. Similarly, a situation seemingly beyond the scope of your policy might be covered it's all in the fine print. Tom Chappell of CS&A Aviation Insurance tells all. More

War Risk Insurance — Misunderstood and Underappreciated »

The aftermath of September 11 will affect all of us, sometimes in ways that we might not expect. One of the ramifications that is sure to be felt throughout the aviation community is the restricted availability of insurance coverage for losses resulting from terrorist acts. Commonly referred to as "War Risk Insurance," the coverage was once available at little or no additional cost. Times have changed. Tom Chappell of CS&A Aviation Insurance discusses the nature of these risks, the availability of applicable insurance, and the prudence of purchasing such coverage in today's insurance market. More

Aircraft Insurance: Are You Covered? »

Most aircraft owners don't read their insurance policies until after they have a loss. Then, they're often shocked to discover that their loss isn't covered, although they were sure it would be. Aviation insurance experts Tom Chappell and Darrell Hyde review some of the most common misconceptions about coverage, and tell you what to look for in the fine print. More

All About Expansion Coverages »

Aircraft insurance policies are not standardized. Each company has its own contract which may include or exclude coverage of various kinds of losses. So-called "all-risk" policies most definitely do not cover all risks. In this article, aviation insurance expert Darrell Hyde of CS&A Aviation Insurance defines more than three dozen different "expansion coverages" that may or may not be in your policy. Interestingly enough, you may be able to get many of these coverages added to your policy with little or no increase in premiums, provided you know what to ask for. More

Insurance Concerns When Traveling Outside the United States »

Most aircraft owners who fly outside the U.S. check to make sure their aircraft insurance will cover them. But, aircraft insurance may be the least of your worries. If you become sick or injured while abroad, for example, will your medical insurance cover you? Will foreign medical intitutions accept insurance reimbursement? If you're travelling on business, are you covered by worker's comp while abroad? Tom Chappell CS&A Aviation Insurance examines these and other issues you should think about before going overseas. More