Insurance for Use of Non-Owned Aircraft »

If you rent, charter, borrow, test-fly, ferry, instruct in, or take instruction in an aircraft that you do not own, you very well might need "non-owned aircraft" liability insurance. Darrell Hyde of CS&A Aviation Insurance explains the various kinds of coverage available, what it costs, and when you need it. More

Does Your Hangar Lease Void Your Insurance? »

When you signed your hangar lease, did you review the fine print with your aviation insurance company or broker? If the lease is of recent vintage, chances are good that it contains a hold-harmless clause, a waiver of subrogation, or other pass-the-buck-type legal mumbo jumbo that could very well wind up voiding your insurance coverage if something bad happens to the aircraft while being stored. Tom Chappell of CS&A Aviation Insurance explains the pitfalls and what to do about them. More

Insurance and the Future of Aviation »

In recent months, AVEMCO and at least two other underwriters have stopped insuring small flight schools, FBOs and repair shops, while others have increased premiums sharply. If the trend continues, it may not be long before such business simply cease to exist. What does this portend for the future of general aviation and pilot training? Tom Chappell of CS&A Aviation Insurance explores where the industry may be headed in response to the current insurance crunch. More

Risk Management 101 »

Whether you're in a business environment or making the "go/no-go" decision, eventually it all comes down to managing the various risks to which you could be exposed. The same is true when deciding on insurance coverage and assigning risks among owners, business partners, contractors and subcontractors. Tom Chappell of CS&A Aviation Insurance discusses the various considerations involved in minimizing and managing risk as well as the many options available. More

Covered: A Pilot's Painless Journey into Buying Life Insurance »

Life-insurance coverage is often one of the last things pilots consider. One reason is that the time and hassle involved in applying for coverage is too great. AVweb's Jeb Burnside recently went through the surprisingly painless process with the Pilot Insurance Center. Here's his story. More

When Pilots Apply for Life Insurance »

Whether flying is a vocation or avocation for you, it's a fact that your involvement in aviation can have an impact on the process of applying for life insurance, the coverage you can obtain and its cost. Seth Legatowicz, a Senior Associate with the Pilot Insurance Center, takes a look at this application process, including the factors that underwriters look at when considering your application, and offers some detailed tips for pilots. If you're in the market for life insurance, you need to read this. More

When Someone Else Flies Your Airplane »

Loaning your airplane to a friend is no big deal, right? Wrong, says former aviation insurance executive Tom Turner. There are a myriad of considerations involved in making sure that your insurance will be in effect if your buddy bends something, not the least of which is the friend's recent experience and qualifications. Are you covered? Tom tells all. More

Why Is Aviation Insurance So Expensive (And What Can We Do About It)? »

Aviators are upset and angry at the skyrocketing cost of aviation insurance, and some accuse the insurance companies of profiteering and greed. Not so, says Thomas P. Turner; they've actually been losing their shirts on GA for the past few years, paying out a good deal more in claims than they've been getting in premiums. Tom should know he's not only a pilot, CFI and aircraft owner, but also a former insurance underwriter for AOPA. He explains why premiums are going through the roof, and suggests several strategies for keeping your insurance costs under control. More

Do You Fly Naked? »

Don't laugh. Surprisingly, there are more and more pilots flying naked every day. Not bare-skin naked, of course, but naked in a more serious way: flying without a life insurance policy that covers general aviation activities. Seth Legatowicz of Pilot Insurance Center explains what you can do to make certain you're covered. More

Saving Money on Your Aircraft Insurance »

One frequently-overlooked strategy for minimizing your aircraft insurance premiums is simply not to buy coverage you really don't need. That may sound obvious, but there's more to it than meets the eye. AVEMCO's Jim Lauerman offers some common sense recommendations about which policy features are worth paying for and which are simply money down the drain. More