Why Don't Life Insurance Companies Understand Pilots? »

For as long as anyone can remember, pilots have often faced stiff premium surcharges and aviation exclusion clauses when shopping for life insurance protection for their families. But, according to William Fanning of The Pilots Insurance Center, things have changed. Term life premiums have come down sharply in the last few years, and an increasing number of underwriters have come to realize that most pilots are actually excellent insurance risks. Fanning suggests six specific ways pilots can save 40% or more on their life insurance. More

Is There an Insurance Crisis Ahead? »

EDITORIAL. Aircraft insurance is something of a cyclical business, and General Aviation insurance rates have been fairly reasonable in recent years. However, premiums may soon be headed for the Flight Levels, at least if the author's own recent insurance renewal experience is any indication. Whether you own or rent the aircraft you fly, be afraid ... be very afraid! More