Interiors Expo A Big Draw


Kerosene and LCD screens may keep the business aviation industry going but its the people in the back who are generally paying the bills for all that gear, and keeping them fed, comfortable and rested is not only high art, its a big-bucks industry. Witness the pre-registration figures for the Aircraft Interiors Expo that will be held at the HamburgMesse in Germany starting next Tuesday. More than 8,000 attendees have registered to view more than 500 exhibitors in the three-day show. Show organizers say the numbers reflect not only the increasing popularity of the exhibition, but also the sustained business confidence in the industry itself.

Comfort is key and 20 percent of the exhibitors are involved in seating and overall interior design. Galley equipment suppliers are almost as numerous and in-flight entertainment and communications companies are a close third. Most of the attendees are from Europe but about 1,000 Americans have pre-registered.