Iran Claims New Fighter Design


Iran has unveiled a new fighter/bomber (or a mockup of one) it says is stealthy and proves the country’s ability to “conquer scientific peaks.” The Qaher (Dominant)-313 looks like an F-35 with canards but technical details on its performance and capabilities are scant because Iran doesn’t talk about such things in any way except with bellicose statements by its politicians. “This is a radar-evading plane that can fly at low altitude, carry weapons, engage enemy aircrafts and land at short airstrips,” said Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi. A video was released purporting to show it flying. Although some analysts are skeptical, Iran claims it’s a clean-sheet homemade aircraft.

“Qaher-313 is a fully indigenous aircraft designed and built by our aerospace experts,” Vahidi told reporters. However, if it does exist as a flying aircraft The Daily Mail says there is widespread belief the major components of the country’s claimed technological breakthroughs are outsourced to contractors in other countries or are outright reverse-engineered copies.