Isle Of Man Targets Private Aircraft Registrations


The Isle of Man, which is a Crown dependency of Britain but is also self-governing and constitutionally separate, recently launched its own aircraft registry and is hoping to attract private aircraft owners to the “M” designation. Because it’s so closely tied to Britain, many of its laws and practices are comfortably familiar to international clients, but the Manx registration offers some advantages not available in some countries. For instance, corporate tax on the Isle of Man is zero and the Manx government doesn’t care where an aircraft is based or used.

However, riffraff need not apply. The government points out that it is not a register of convenience and it expects only those operating under generally accepted standards to gain Manx registration. Also, only aircraft weighing more than 12,500 pounds are accepted for Manx registration by non-residents, even though the island says it’s hoping to attract very light jet owners. The aircraft registry grew out of the island’s popular yacht registry and allows “one-stop shopping” for the majority of mega-yacht owners who also operate private aircraft.