Jeppesen Upgrades Apps, Introduces New Coverage Area


Jeppesen continues to leverage the investment it made in data-driven technology to improve its apps and chart coverage areas. At AirVenture this week, the company announced that it’s streamlining digital chart coverage choices down to just 10 globally.

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve been making significant investment in our mobile platform. Last year, we launched Mobile FliteDeck VFR and made it at a price point that made sense to the GA pilot. We started out at $49 for full U.S. coverage,” Jeppesen’s Reggie Arsenault told AVweb in this podcast recorded at the show this week. “This year, we’re taking that momentum and carrying it forward into the IFR world,” he added.

That means Jeppesen has simplified its coverage areas down to 10 globally and reduced the price to $299 for full U.S. coverage.

But the company will still maintain the existing paper chart offerings and coverage areas. “For a lot of pilots, that still makes sense,” Arsenault added. “The whole point is to make it accessible and affordable for the GA pilot community.”

Both Mobile FliteDeck VFR and IFR saw new versions. In V 2.6, the interface has been reskinned and made more operator friendly. “We’re trying to get it to the point where everything, as far as critical information, is available with two button clicks. We also enabled the ability to overlay a SID or a STAR on the enroute section. That capability is only possible because of the investment we made in data-driven technology,” Arsenault said.

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