Jetman Coming To AirVenture?


EAA has reportedly confirmed that it’s talking with “Jetman” Yves Rossy to perform at AirVenture 2013. AOPA Online reported that the talks, which will include Rossy’s sponsor Breitling, are under way but the performance is far from a sure thing. “Our people have talked with him and his group. Nothing is confirmed,” EAA spokesman Dick Knapinski wrote in a comment section of the AOPA blog. Among the considerations is FAA approval, which is likely to be a little more complicated than the nod the agency gave to Rossy’s flight over the Grand Canyon last May.

Rossy, who has demonstrated good control of his jet-powered wing on past flights (such as flying in formation with real jets), has nevertheless done most of his flights away from populated areas. He is preparing to fly at a model aircraft exhibition (the engines he uses are designed for models) on Thursday and has been booked for the New Zealand International Air Show in Auckland Jan. 26-28.