Kent Pietsch Hurt In Alberta Crash

Click above to see video of Pietsch’s routine at Abbotsford International Air Show in 2011.

Veteran airshow performer Kent Pietsch is in a hospital in Alberta, Canada, after crashing his Interstate Cadet shortly after a performance Saturday in Wetaskiwin, a small city about 70 miles south of Edmonton. Pietsch is not thought to have suffered life-threatening injuries. He got out of the plane himself and was lying nearby when crash crews arrived at the scene moments later. The aircraft may be a write-off, however. According to the latest report in the Edmonton Journal, Pietsch was finished with his comic routine when he clipped a wing during what might have been a low-level pass.

During his routine, Pietsch drops an aileron in flight and continues to fly aerobatics and other maneuvers, including landing on a truck-mounted platform, with one aileron. “Part of the airshow, there were parts dropped off the airplane intentionally,” Transport Canada investigator Bill Kemp told the Journal. “He was doing an over flight of the area to locate these parts.” Pietsch is from Minot, N.D., where his family runs the local FBO. His brother Warren is also an airshow performer.