Kestrel Moving To Wisconsin?


Media in Duluth, Minn., and Superior, Wis., are reporting that a deal is close to site the new factory for Kestrel Aircraft in Superior, which is a few miles from Kestrel President Alan Klapmeier’s home town of Duluth and just across the Wisconsin border. Klapmeier, who co-founded Cirrus in Duluth, took over Kestrel 18 months ago with plans to manufacture the turboprop single in Brunswick, Maine. It’s not clear what happened with the widely publicized plans to build the aircraft at a decommissioned naval air station in Brunswick.

Kestrel was in line to receive an incentive package in exchange for the 300 jobs the facility would create. Wisconsin seems to be stepping up to the plate financially, too, and is hoping the plant eventually creates 600 jobs. “This is a significant number of jobs, right now, but it will continue to be a significant number of jobs in the years to come,” said Jim Caesar, an economic development consultant contracted by the city told the Superior Telegram. “They have plans beyond this prototype that will require additional workers well into the future … this is an ongoing thing.” A spokesman for Kestrel was not immediately available for comment.