Kickstarter Relents, OK’s Synergy Project


Kickstarter, a crowd-funding site, has reconsidered its rejection of a proposal from Synergy Aircraft, and this week said it would allow the project to go forward. John McGinnis, the aircraft designer, said on Sunday that he had “received an email from a human being” saying that Kickstarter had reconsidered his “incredibly ambitious and creative project” and would be excited to host it. “It’s quite the ride out here at the end of the whip,” McGinnis said. As of Wednesday, Synergy’s project had attracted 51 backers and $13,924. At least $65,000 must be pledged by June 4; otherwise, the donors will get their money back.

McGinnis said the initial goal of $65,000 would help the company complete the engine and landing-gear installation in its prototype airplane. The team, based in Montana, has experimented with a 25-percent flying model and is currently building a full-scale version, with the aim of creating a product for the homebuilt market. The five-place, all-composite airplane features an unusual double-box tail. McGinnis recently spoke with AVweb’s Glenn Pew about the Synergy design; click here for that podcast.