Kollsman Advances Cockpit-Mounted Synthetic Vision


Avionics manufacturer Kollsman announced that its new Vision-Based Cockpit (VBC) — one of the industry’s latest synthetic vision systems — recently made its first flight aboard a company test aircraft. Flight tests are being conducted to validate the system’s compatibility with multiple avionics products and evaluate its operational use. The Kollsman VBC system is a modularized collection of various components, including GAViS, an externally mounted camera; ESViS, a head-down display, providing the pilot with a wide field of view of synthetic terrain and obstacles; and the m-ViS HUD, used to display imagery and flight guidance symbology and greatly reduce the size and weight of current HUD technology. The company’s All Weather Window EFVS component, mounted in the nose of the aircraft, is designed to improve night and low-visibility instrument approach operations in accordance with FAR 91.175. Bob Di Meo, Kollsmans program director and chief pilot, noted, The Kollsman Vision-Based Cockpit provides the pilot with a new level of intuitive and increased situation awareness … the guess work and worry are in the past. Since it is modular, Kollsman says the VBC system “is structured to provide flexibility and allow the customer to select the configuration of technologies that best satisfies their value and operational goals, while improving safety at each step.” Kollsman’s EFVS was the first synthetic vision system certified by the FAA in 2001 and now has over 200 copies in operational service worldwide. At least one system has passed 5000 hours of flying time. Total orders for Kollsmans EFVS have now exceeded 700 systems.