Legal Issues Mire FlightPro


It appears that FlightPro, the well-regarded Android flight planner and chart app, will not be back anytime soon, thanks to increasingly intense legal wrangling among the shareholders and entities involved. FlightPro missed the Feb. 5 update for its subscribers and at least some of those involved were hopeful the service could be restored. That doesn’t seem likely in the short term at least. Shane Gordon, the general counsel for FlightPro, has told subscribers there will be no further updates until the legal wrangling is settled. “I have stopped all work by the new developer as the new investors have refused to fund any work pending resolution of this suit,” he said in an email to those who have inquired about further updates.

FlightPro was introduced about a year ago as an Android answer to iPad apps and it earned good reviews, but shareholders got into a legal scrap in late 2014 that has now escalated. “All I have left at this point is to once again apologize for failing our faithful users,” Gordon said in an email to a subscriber supplied to AVweb.