Bulletproof Engines: Are There Any? »

Yes, say engine overhaulers, and Lycoming's four-cylinder models own the category. Owning one substantially reduces the cost of flying. More

Rotax Overhauls: Simple Options »

The good news is that you probably won't need cylinders, but you'll always get a new crank. Buying a factory-new exchange is sometimes a practical choice. More

Cirrus CAPS Repacks: Expense, Depreciation »

The fleet of older Cirrus airframes could face further depreciation because of pricey parachute upkeep. We look at the economics and the CAPS repack process. More

Corrosion Treatments: Well Worth The Trouble »

While there is evidence CorrosionX provides the best protection, ACF-50 also works well. Get it applied by a pro, however, or you'll be cleaning it up for months. Corrosion is like aging; it does its damage slowly and is easy to overlook—until major systems begin to fail. Unlike aging, we know how to stop corrosion in aircraft. It's cheap insurance against a slow destruction of your airframe. More

Winterizing Your Security -- Locks »

Having inspected many aircraft hangars for security for nearly a decade, I can report that the most common device keeping the outsides world away from our airplanes is a keyed lock. We turn the key in that door knob and figure that our airplane—our investment in fun and transportation—is secured against those who want it, the radios inside it, or anything else having to do with our flying machine. Or perhaps we close the hasp and attach a beefy looking padlock, figuring that the metal body of the lock will discourage sufficiently those who want what's inside. My grandfather once told me that locks are only good for keeping honest people honest. Let me tell you why his country farmer's wisdom continues to be true today. Click here to read the full article. --> More

Spark Plugs »

It doesn't get much more essential for getting rated engine performance than a properly functioning set of spark plugs. More

EGT and CHT Interpretation »

We go beyond the basics in this article on getting the most out of your digital engine-monitor system. More

Panel Replacements: Metal vs. Overlay »

If you're sinking $30,000 into new avionics, that old, cracked, Royalite panel has got to go. Here's a look at some options. FAA approval may be the tricky part. More

Battery Basics »

Here's how to get the most out of all that money you paid for your last new battery. More