Getting Decent Aircraft Maintenance »

On average, light planes today are in the worst mechanical state ever. But your aircraft needn't be so if you are maintenance-aware and maintenance-involved. More

When Your Aircraft Speaks, Listen! »

If you notice any change in your airplane, no matter how trivial, act immediately to determine its cause. A seemingly inconsequential thing like static in your headset might be a vital clue to an impending catastrophic failure. More

The Jug Jungle »

Whether you're approaching major overhaul or just dealing with one jug with a mid-life crisis, you face a bewildering array of cylinder choices: factory new, oversize, rebarrel, nitrided, through-hardened, channel chrome, Cermicrome, Nu-Chrome, Cermisteel, IFR, Freedom, and now CermiNil and Millennium cylinders...whew! Here is our survival guide for sorting through this maze and choosing replacement cylinders wisely. More

Mobil Withdraws AV-1 — What Do I Do Now? »

For years, we've warned against the use of fully synthetic oil such as Mobil AV-1 in most owner-flown airplanes because of its inability to hold lead and other contaminants in suspension. We've also cautioned against the extended oil change intervals suggested in Mobil's promotional literature. Now TCM has removed AV-1 from its list of approved oils, and Mobil has withdrawn it from the market. More