Prop Strike! »

When it happens, it is loud, scary and embarrassing. But prop strikes can range from minor to life-threatening, and your health and pocketbook depend on determining how much inspection and repair is needed. More

A Handle on Repairs »

Owner-driven maintenance can mean swinging a wrench, but thorough inspections and involvement with the shop are often enough, as shown in this article from Aviation Safety . More

Oil Analysis: What It Can and Can't Do »

Oil analysis can help predict some types of problems, but it can't help with all of them. We clear up some misunderstandings and present some realistic expectations for using it as one of many tools that can keep your engine running well. More

Constant-Speed Props »

Constant-speed props are usually found on high-performance aircraft, but most people don't realize the concept of varying the pitch of a propeller was suggested 30 years before the Wright Brothers flew. John Ruley discusses the history, repair, and alternatives to this staple of aviation. More

Break It In Right »

The best rebuild job in the world can be made moot if the proper break-in methods are not used. The first minutes are critical, as the staff of Light Plane Maintenance reported. More

Leaning the "Advanced Pilot Seminars" Way »

Advanced Pilot Seminars, run by George Braley, Walter Atkinson, and AVweb's John Deakin, has put together a slide show describing their recommended procedures for leaning an engine. More

Mag Timing is Easy as One, Two, Three »

There are several easy ways to time a magneto, as well as specific how-to data. The staff of Light Plane Maintenance describes a common and accurate way. More

Exhaust System Care »

In Star Trek movies, warp factor means nothing but speed. In our airplanes it means nothing but trouble, as Mike Berry reported in Light Plane Maintenance . More

Oil Temperature Control Systems »

There are several key items to check when the oil temps seem to be out of the ordinary. But as the staff of Light Plane Maintenance recently reported, don't wait until it's an urgent problem. More