John Deakin's Engine-Related Columns »

AVweb's John Deakin has been studying, testing, and teaching about piston engines for a long time. This list is a collection of all his Pelican's Perch columns related to piston engines. More

GAMIjector Flight Test »

After some tweaking, GAMI's precision nozzles knocked a couple of gallons off fuel flow and tamed spikey temperatures, as Paul Bertorelli recently reported in Aviation Consumer . More

A Hangar of Your Own »

If you canít find a rental, building or buying a hangar might be an option. But a good investment? As AVweb's Paul Bertorelli wrote in Aviation Consumer , donít count on it. More

Of Mechanics and Men: Review of One Desert Jet Turner »

Ever wondered about the people involved with fighter jets who aren't the pilots? Earl Heron's "One Desert Jet Turner" aims to examine the thankless of the aviation community -- the military aircraft mechanic and crew chief, or as he puts it, a "Desert Jet Turner." Jeremy Jankowski reviews this new book. More

Getting Ready for Winter Operations »

With the change of seasons it's important to prepare for the harshness of winter. More damage to aircraft occurs during winter from lack of knowledge of special procedures needed. More

More Power for Skylanes »

Ready for more performance? You could get a new plane, or you could get a new engine in your plane. Five companies offer Cessna 182 engine upgrades. Better climb and increased speed come at a price: higher fuel burn. More

Continental IO-360 Fuel Injection »

The editors of†Light Plane Maintenance recently looked at the universal as well as unique aspects of the relatively simple TCM continuous-flow fuel-injection system of the 360 engine. They also discuss how to set up and adjust the system for optimum efficiency and control. More

Vacuum Pumps: Wet vs. Dry »

With the ever-increasing use of single-engine aircraft for actual IFR flight, it's more important than ever to understand and properly maintain the pneumatic system that operates the gyroscopic instruments. Recently in Light Plane Maintenance , Mike Berry discussed dry pumps, wet pumps, backup systems, and the value of proactive maintenance. More

The Zero-Time Myth »

Only the factories have the legal right to declare an engine "zero time." As Coy Jacob explained recently in Aviation Consumer, that doesn't mean all new parts. A zero-time engine can contain used parts ó perhaps many used parts of unknown service history. Here's what you're really getting for your flying dollar. More

Prop Life Extension »

Vitamin E won't do the job here but, as Kim Santerre explained in Light Plane Maintenance , there are simple things you can do that can have salutary effects on your prop's life-span. Here's what you can do to keep it spinning like a top. More