Walk Away or Fix? »

If you encounter significant corrosion during an annual or pre-buy, fixing it may be an option. However, as Coy Jacob reported in The Aviation Consumer, you'll need to exercise care in estimating the repair costs. More

Interiors, Legalities, and Part 91 Aircraft »

AVweb reader Greg Amy refurbished the interior of his Grumman Tiger with automotive cloth and vinyl materials, but subsequently became concerned about whether those materials were legal for use in his aircraft. His research led him through a veritable morass of conflicting and contradictory guidance from FARs, Advisory Circulars, FAA-Designated Engineering Representatives, FAA-approved testing labs, and a National Resource Specialist from FAA Headquarters. Greg's ordeal in trying to get a straight answer to a simple certification question helps explain both why the FAA employs so many lawyers, and why so many pilots are drawn to homebuilt aircraft. More

Heater Checkout »

In cold weather operations, the heater system is critical to both your comfort and health. Here's what to check out. More

Getting Good Paint »

Two top rated shops tell us what separates the average paint job from the exception. As Paul Bertorelli reported in Aviation Consumer , here's what you should expect. More

Hot Stuff: Unison's LASAR Ignition System (Part One) »

Unison's LASAR is the first microprocessor-based, FAA-certified engine control system available for widespread application in general aviation aircraft. But how does it work? How involved is the installation? Does it require changing the way you fly your Lycoming engine? AVweb's Dave Higdon just installed a LASAR in his Piper Comanche and answers those questions and more in this first of a two-part series. More

Continental's Cram Course: TCM's Aviation Technician Advanced Training Program »

How would you like to learn more about your TCM piston aircraft engine than 99% of your fellow Continental owners will ever know ... and maybe even more than your A&P knows? All it takes is five days in Mobile, Ala., and $750 in tuition. AVweb editors Mike Busch and Jeb Burnside (both of whom fly behind Continentals) recently went through TCM's Aviation Technician Advanced Training Program and lived to tell about it. More

The Looming Avgas Crisis »

The vast majority of the U.S. general aviation fleet burns gasoline. Yet, the continued supply of avgas is by no means assured: Its continued widespread availability hinges on the outcome of future challenges from environmentalists and the supply of additives, among other factors. AVweb contributor Paul Merritt examines these issues and takes a look at what's going on in the industry to address them and develop alternatives. More

Old-Timer's Disease »

Is age a determining factor in the relative safety of a specific aircraft? The recent Concorde crash and even the TWA 800 tragedy were initially blamed on factors resulting from the age of the aircraft involved. AVweb contributor Ken Cubbin looks at recent accidents and incidents involving transport aircraft arguably past their design life. Not surprisingly, he finds that factors besides age were present, factors that can involve any aircraft, new or old. More

The Aircraft Owner's Tool Kit »

It has been said that one of the most dangerous things in general aviation is an owner with a Phillips screwdriver. As a result of owner-performed preventive maintenance, technicians often find themselves working on something that an owner tried to fix, but only made worse. Clearly, some guidance for homebuilders and owners contemplating work on their aircraft is necessary. With that in mind and with tongue firmly in cheek AVweb presents this list of definitions for common tools that should be a part of every homebuilder's and owner's tool kit. More