Bogus Torque »

Traditionally, a bogus bolt has been defined as one without accountability and/or traceability. Yet an absolutely perfect and well-documented fastener can fail with the same catastrophic results as a bogus one if it is not installed with the correct torque, or if improper procedures are used when applying the correct torque. Here's what you need to know before swinging that wrench. More

Shock Cooling: Myth or Reality? »

Powerplant management guru Kas Thomas of TBO ADVISOR examines the physics and metallurgy of "shock cooling" and concludes that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, it is not a major contributor to cylinder head cracking. More

The World According to Bud »

Veteran used airplane dealer Bud McGuire (not his real name!) offers plain-spoken wisdom on buying and selling airplanes—garnished with first-person war stories—in this colorful interview with Kas Thomas. More

A Visit with Globe Fiberglass »

Are your plastic wingtips, fairings or wheelpants cracking and crumbling after years of UV exposure? Long-lived fiberglass replacements are available for many of these parts ... but did you ever wonder why they cost so much? We visit a leading manufacturer of PMA fiberglass parts to find out. More

Continental's O-470 Series »

What else idles like a six-cylinder Harley-Davidson, roars on takeoff like a dragster, and has the best bottom end in the business? Here's everything you ever wanted to know about TCM's ubiquitous big-bore but were afraid to ask. More

Turbocharging and Pressurization: An Analysis of the Benefits, Costs, and Disadvantages »

Intrigued by the potential benefits of turbocharging and pressurization, but scared by the bad reputation and horror stories of reduced TBO and high maintenance costs? Don't believe everything you hear! AVweb editor Mike Busch (who has owned, flown and maintained a variety of piston-powered aircraft — normally- aspirated and turbocharged — over the past 30 years) offers a frank and detailed analysis of the costs and benefits. More

Proper Engine Break-In »

Few powerplant-related subjects are more controversial than the best procedure for breaking-in a new or freshly-overhauled engine. Ask a dozen A&Ps and you'll get a dozen different recommendations. John Frank explains the principles behind proper break-in, and provides a proven step-by-step technique for achieving good ring seating every time. More

Improving Engine Cooling by Painting »

At least one well-known engine overhauler paints its engines black because it supposedly improves cooling. It turns out, however, that black is one of the least-desirable colors to paint an engine. For optimum cooling, your engine, accessories, and engine mounts should be painted white, and the inside of the cowling should be painted black. Here's why. More

How to Monitor Your Engine's Condition »

With a few extra simple checks before, during, and after each flight, you can gain a broader picture of your engine's health, and increase your confidence in your aircraft. More

Leaning on the Ground »

Most engines have their idle mixture adjusted too rich, and most pilots don't understand the importance of proper leaning on the ground. A correctly leaned idle mixture will give you a longer-lasting engine, cleaner spark plugs, less crankcase sludge, and less wasted fuel. More