Licking Alternator Whine »

Is that whine in your earphones driving you nuts? It might well be alternator-induced radio noise. Here's how to identify alternator and regulator noise, what causes it, and how to get rid of it. More

Dealing with Stuck Valves »

If your engine seems rough when first started, it might be giving you an early warning of a stuck valve. Failure to heed this warning and correct the situation promptly could cost you an engine teardown, or even result in a catastrophic engine failure and a forced landing. Here's the lowdown on why valves stick and what to do about it. More

A Letter to Cessna 210 Owners »

The Executive Director of the Cessna Pilots Association (who is a 210 owner and A&P/IA himself) tells Centurion owners what they need to know to stay out of trouble. More

Future of the Piston Aircraft Engine: An Interview with Lycoming's CEO »

During one of our three visits to Lycoming, we spent a couple of hours with Phil Boob, the company's chief executive. We found him disarmingly frank in discussing a variety of issues from competition to Cessna's chances. Boob has been at Lycoming since 1985, having spent 17 years in sales at Piper Aircraft before that. He worked in sales and marketing before being appointed CEO in 1986. More

Future of the Piston Aircraft Engine, Part 2: A Visit to Lycoming »

With Cessna back in the new piston airplane business, Lycoming should soon be top dog of the OEM engine market. But while they're busy gearing up for Cessna, the company still plans to expand its overhaul and parts business. More

Which Oil Should I Use? »

There's a whole lot more to choosing the best oil for your Continental or Lycoming powerplant than most aircraft owners realize. You can't necessarily believe everything you read in the oil company ads. Here are some of our recommendations concerning aircraft engine oil. You just might be surprised. More

Do You Know Where Your Fuel Flow Is Tonight? »

Pssssst! Wanna know a secret that will help to keep your fuel-injected Continental engine running strong? Here it is: be certain that your fuel flow needle is fully at red-line when you apply full takeoff power. More

The Traveling Tool Kit »

It's a well-known scientific fact. Most light plane mechanical problems occur between Friday night and Sunday afternoon when you're hundreds of miles from home. The difference between a minor annoyance and a major disruption can hinge on whether you brought along an adequate tool kit. Here are some thoughts about what you should carry with you. As you'll see, there's more to it than meets the eye. More

Why Vacuum Pumps Fail »

Modern dry vacuum pumps often fail prematurely—always catastrophically and without warning—usually at the worst possible time. Why do low-time pumps self-destruct, and what (if anything) can you do about it? Read on. More