Massachusetts Business Aviation Association Formed


A number of Massachusetts-based businesses with aviation interests and resident aircraft owners who fly both for business and personal reasons have formed a new organization called the Massachusetts Business Aviation Association (MBAA). The purpose of this non-profit association is to protect, promote and advocate the interests and needs of business and general aviation within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The association will address and respond to issues impacting the Massachusetts business and general aviation community including safety, security, operational effectiveness, community and government relations, and environmental concerns. The MBAA will solicit new members from corporate flight departments of Massachusetts-based companies, air charter companies based in Massachusetts, from owners and employees of businesses located at any of Massachusetts’ 44 public-use airports, as well as from owners of the fleet of approximately 2,700 private aircraft based within the Commonwealth.The MBAA will develop and support public-interest programs for its members and advocate on their behalf on issues affecting the safe and productive use of aircraft and airport facilities in and out of Massachusetts. The president of the MBAA is John I. Williams, Jr. Mr. Williams is vice chairman of Sentient Jet, a private jet membership company based in Norwell, Mass. Additional information about the MBAA is available at the new association’s Web site.