Mayor Wants Airport Curfew Violators Publicized


The mayor of Naples, Fla., says hes hoping to embarrass aircraft owners into being a little more considerate of their neighbors. Bill Barnett has written the local airport authority asking them to consider publishing a list of every aircraft that busts the voluntary 10 p.m. curfew. “We seem to have run out of ideas to stop planes from coming in after the curfew. So why couldn’t we publish a monthly list of violators?” he wrote in his letter. Local residents interviewed by NBC2 are backing the mayor. I’ve been startled several times by planes in the night,” Tom Laughlin told the TV station. “It is so intense, it is so noisy, that you can’t help but snap your head up and look, what is that going over head?” The airport’s board of directors is meeting June 21, and Barnetts letter will be on the agenda. Spokeswoman AnneElena Foster said the directors are aware of the complaints and will be addressing it. “What we’ve had happen recently is there’s been some change on the board and now the current leadership is willing to take a look at the problem in another way,” said AnneElena Foster of the Naples Municipal Airport. “You don’t have to be the mayor for us to sympathize; a loud plane is a loud plane.”