Mooney Expands the Acclaim’s Speed Envelope


In the promotional poker game of which is faster, the Columbia 400 or the Mooney Acclaim, Mooney says it has just upped the ante. It announced this week that it has done some aerodynamic tweaks on the Acclaim which will give it a top speed of a blistering 242 knots, 5 knots faster than its previously claimed 237-knot top speed. What tweaks? Mooney says a series of refinements trimmed drag from the airframe, but we wont be surprised to see substantially smaller cooling inlets on the cowling, to start. The gussied up version is called the Acclaim Type-S. Although we havent seen the new model, our sister publication, Aviation Consumer, conducted a flyoff between the Acclaim and Columbia and found that even the sluggardly version of the Acclaim was faster. See the full report in the magazines October issue at