Motor Head #17: All I Want for Christmas ... »

AVweb's Marc Cook doesn't believe in fairy tales -- he knows he can't get turbine power and reliability at piston prices and fuel consumption, for instance -- but he does want Santa to give him a few nice improvements to his engine. More

Motor Head #12: Troubleshooting 101 -- Never Give Up, Never Surrender »

It takes patience and tenacity to build an airplane. And a bit of luck and a lot of skill (and help) to do it in less than three weeks. But if you try to rush the troubleshooting when finishing, you may take longer and cost more, as AVweb's Marc Cook explains in this month's Motor Head column. More

Motor Head #11: One Thousand (Not So Easy) Pieces »

Wonder why airplane engines cost so much? Just try to build one. AVweb's Motor Head, Marc Cook, did (well, he helped anyway) and found it to be very enlightening. And then he flew a Turbo Cirrus ... More

Motor Head #10: Baffling Explanations »

We squeeze engines into tight, streamlined cowls and allow the least amount of (drag-producing) cooling air through there because what we really want is speed. But even tiny leaks in baffles can have huge effects on engine cooling and, therefore, engine longevity as Marc Cook discusses in this month's Motor Head column. More

Motor Head #9: Does Racing Really Improve The Breed? »

Marc Cook's ears are still buzzing from a long weekend at the Reno Air Races, where all sorts of internal-combustion mayhem takes place. Some of it may actually trickle down to average GA Joes. More