Motor Head #7: Are We Making It Harder Than It Needs To Be? »

For many years, FADEC electronic engine systems have been like glass cockpits in the low end of GA: just over the horizon. Well, glass is here, but FADEC is still not available in mainstream, certified aircraft. AVweb's Marc Cook has some thoughts about why that is, and why he still hasn't tried it, in this month's Motor Head column. More

Motor Head #6: Who Will Make Your Next Engine? »

The "big two" engine manufacturers are no longer the only game in town for small piston engines. Aftermarket "clones" are here, and the new LSA market will further stir the pot. AVweb's Marc Cook reports from Sun 'n Fun. More

Motor Head #5: Is Franklin Gone For Good? »

It isn't always true that the "best" products are the ones that succeed. Franklin engines are still loved by many, but it looks like there won't be any new ones. AVweb's Motor Head, Marc Cook, looks at what we'll miss with the loss of Franklin, checks out Japanese manufacturing and brings news on the rotary front. More

Motor Head #4: Bad Reputations »

In the tight-knit world of aviation, reputations can be made or broken with just a few comments about reliability or difficulty. Certain planes -- and engines -- have developed reputations that AVweb's Marc Cook says are undeserved. More

Motor Head #1: GA Engine Technology -- Are We Getting the Shaft? »

It's easy to be embarrassed by the state of the general aviation technology when we have to admit to our non-pilot friends that our engines use such quaint items as magnetos and (gasp!) carburetors. Many pilots and aircraft owners wish they could, for instance, take their bleeding-edge-tech motorcycle engine and strap it into the airframe. Farfetched? AVweb's newest columnist, Marc Cook, has some thoughts about this kind of thing, and he'll share them each month in his Motor Head column. More

"Motor Head" Index »

AVweb's Marc Cook loves engines. Internal combustion, jet, compression-ignition, Rolls-Royce Trent, Briggs & Stratton, big or small -- it really doesn't matter. Here are links to all of his "Motor Head" columns. More