NASA App Creates 3-D Models Of Research Planes


Image: NASA

NASA has released a new app that can create 3-D models of its current research aircraft using your phone. Download the app, point the phone at a flat surface and you can access models of the X-59 QueSST quiet-supersonic research jet;the X-57 Maxwell, a modified Tecnam P2006T used for testing electric powerplants; andNASA’s G-III Gulfstream jet, which has tested a variety of new technologies that aim to improve aerodynamic performance. While the 3D version of the aircraft is displayed, the viewer can also read about it or follow a link to learn more online.

The app, called Aeronautics AR, was developed by a team of NASA interns for users of all ages. “We wanted to educate people with the information without overwhelming them,” said Kendrick Morales, a NASA intern and computer-science student at the University of Puerto Rico. “But we also wanted it to be fun.” The app is currently available for Android devices, from the Google Play Store. Morales said interns will continue to work on the project to make it available for iOS and to add more aircraft to the app.