NATA Offers Aircraft Registration Service


After the FAA announced recently that all aircraft owners will have to re-register their aircraft every three years, the National Air Transportation Association went to work on developing an Internet product that will handle that chore for owners. The re-registration program, developed in partnership with AIC Title Service, is available to both members and non-members of NATA, for $45 per aircraft. “The simple-to-use program … allows for re-registrations to be professionally processed and tracked using a straightforward Web interface,” says NATA. The new FAA rule goes into effect Oct. 1.

NATA says its service offers a simple-to-use program that enables re-registrations to be professionally processed and tracked. AIC says it will provide detailed information on the progress of re-registration through an online interface that allows customers to track the status of an entire fleet. Also, AIC says it will hand-deliver each registration to the FAA, “ensuring traceable delivery and avoiding the uncertainty that may come with the FAA-sponsored interface.” The new FAA rule requires all aircraft to re-register over the next three years according to a specific schedule pegged to the month of current registration. All aircraft must then renew every three years after that. The FAA will collect a fee of $5 for each registration and each renewal, though AOPA said proposals to hike that fee are already in the works.